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Class times depend on the tide and the weather. They are rganized over the 6 hours around high tide( The precise times are defined 2 days before the lessons and sent to you by text message.

Only thunderstorms and flat calm can force us to cancel lessons.
We always try to offer an alternative activity (SUP, Surf polo…) or to postpone lessons.
Lessons that are not insured will be refunded.

It depends on the season :

  • In summer, if the weather is favourable, we accept children from the age of 6.
  • When the water is cooler, it’s better to wait until they’re 8.

Don’t hesitate to contact us

Only surf courses during the school holidays can be booked online. For all other formulas, please contact us directly. (tel / email)

We provide boards and wetsuits. All you need to bring is your swimming costume and towel.

A group lesson lasts 2 hours, including 1h30 of surfing.
A private lesson lasts 1 hour of surfing.

In the event of storms, pollution or exceptional bad weather.

You don’t have to be an Olympic 400m 4-swimmer to take up surfing. Of course, aquatic fluency is a major asset. Surfing can help you overcome certain personal challenges. It’s important to note, however, that all exceptional surfers are also excellent swimmers! What’s more, the learning process takes place on the ocean’s beginners’ slope, in a completely safe zone where you can touch the bottom.

A surf lesson begins with a welcome on the beach, where participants receive their equipment. After a warm-up, the instructor gives a brief theory session on the basics of surfing and safety rules. Students then practise the basic moves on the sand before heading out into the water. In the sea, they put the lessons into practice, receiving personalised advice from the instructor. The course concludes with a debriefing on the beach, addressing strengths and areas for improvement, followed by advice for future practice. The priority is safety, and lessons are adapted to suit everyone’s level, from beginners to more experienced surfers.

The regulations are constantly evolving. In 2024, adults will need to provide a medical certificate stating that they are not contraindicated. For minors, a simple health questionnaire will suffice. (pdf)

Instructors can supervise a maximum of 8 people.
We organise our groups according to the age and level of the participants.
However, members of the same family are grouped together.

No! You’ll always get wet…