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Do a self-assessment in surfing

I’ve never surfed before.

Discover the first sensations of surfing, letting yourself be carried along by foam standing on a board.

Level 1

  • Get equipped (wetsuit – leash)
  • Take a lather lying down on the board
  • Stand up on the board
  • Keep your balance standing on the board.

Level 2

  • Quickly stand up on the board
  • Maintain balance standing on the board
  • Turn to the right or left while standing up

Discover the first sensations of sliding on the shoulder of the wave.


  • Paddle efficiently to catch waves
  • Ensure your take off
  • Keep your balance standing up at the bottom of the wave


  • Pass through the foam without letting go of the board
  • Stand up quickly when taking off
  • Maintain upright balance all the way to the edge after the take-off
  • Turn right or left in the foam after taking off

Discover the sensations of first starts on a wave that hasn’t broken.


  • Ducking to get past the whitewater
  • Take direction on the take-off
  • Keep your balance upright all the way to the shore after the take-off.


  • Follow the wave using an undulating trajectory
  • Pick up speed using the height of the wave
  • Accentuate the bottom turn in front or back position

Discover the first sensations of surfing on the shoulder of the wave: picking up speed, turning…


  • Ducks” to pass the waves
  • Pick up speed on the wave
  • Turn at the top of the wave
  • Replace yourself in the curl


  • Perform a floatter
  • Perform a bottom turn, roller combination
  • Perform a cut back
  • Perform a tube